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Business Term Deposit

Make your spare funds work for you with a Business Term Deposit. Secure a competitive interest rate for periods ranging from 3 months to 5 years.
1 year term
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Judo Bank is an authorised deposit-taking institution covered under the Government's Financial Claims Scheme.


Deposits with Judo Bank are covered up to a limit of $250,000 for each account holder. Under the Scheme, an account holder includes the trustee(s) of a trust or an incorporated association.


Our digital experience is secure and user-friendly with a fast application process and simple digital account management.

Judo Bank is Australia’s only challenger bank purpose-built for small and medium businesses (SMEs). Our Business Term Deposit is for businesses looking to make their surplus funds work harder while contributing to the support of SMEs across the country.

Judo Bank’s Business Term Deposits are available for private companies, trusts with individual trustee(s) and incorporated associations. You can apply online for a streamlined application process.

By choosing Judo Bank's Business Term Deposit, you can take advantage of competitive market rates and flexible terms, all backed by the Government's Financial Claims Scheme.

Interest rates are current as at 26 June 2024 and are subject to change. The rate may have changed by the time you apply.
Term Interest Paid at Maturity Interest Paid Monthly Interest Paid Annually
3 Months 5.00% p.a. 4.90% p.a.
6 Months 5.25% p.a. 5.15% p.a.
9 Months 5.25% p.a. 5.15% p.a.
1 Year 5.25% p.a. 5.15% p.a. 5.25% p.a.
2 Years 5.00% p.a. 4.90% p.a. 4.95% p.a.
3 Years 5.00% p.a. 4.90% p.a. 4.95% p.a.
4 Years 5.00% p.a. 4.90% p.a. 4.95% p.a.
5 Years 5.00% p.a. 4.90% p.a. 4.95% p.a.
3 Months 5.00% p.a.
6 Months 5.25% p.a.
9 Months 5.25% p.a.
1 Year 5.25% p.a.
2 Years 5.00% p.a.
3 Years 5.00% p.a.
4 Years 5.00% p.a.
5 Years 5.00% p.a.
3 Months 4.90% p.a.
6 Months 5.15% p.a.
9 Months 5.15% p.a.
1 Year 5.15% p.a.
2 Years 4.90% p.a.
3 Years 4.90% p.a.
4 Years 4.90% p.a.
5 Years 4.90% p.a.
3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
1 Year 5.25% p.a.
2 Years 4.95% p.a.
3 Years 4.95% p.a.
4 Years 4.95% p.a.
5 Years 4.95% p.a.

Our Business Term Deposits have been designed for organisations looking to get a great return on their investment.


Apply for and manage your Term Deposit using our simple and secure digital experience.


Aussie businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy and Judo is boldly backing business.


Better cashflow management with interest payments that suit you: monthly, yearly, or at maturity. Choose from terms of 3 months up to 5 years.


With no application or monthly account fees, all your savings get put to good use, provided you hold your Term Deposit until maturity.

Only the following businesses are eligible to apply online:

  • Provide an ABN
  • Maximum number of directors is 9
  • Shareholders must be individuals
  • The company and all directors and shareholders must be Australian tax residents. We cannot accept applications from foreign tax residents
  • Provide an ABN (you cannot apply without one)
  • Provide a certified copy of your trust deed and any amendments
  • Each trustee must be an Australian tax resident individual. We cannot accept applications from foreign tax residents
  • Maximum number of trustees is 6
  • Provide an ABN and incorporation registration number (you cannot apply without them)
  • Provide a copy of your Incorporation Certification
  • Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will need to verify their identity

All Related Persons associated with the business (eg director, trustee or officeholder) will need to:


Provide any TWO of the following documents: Current Australian driver’s licence, current Australian passport, or current Medicare card.


Be Australian tax residents and reside permanently in Australia living at an Australian residential address. We cannot accept applications from foreign tax residents. Be over the age of 18.


Provide an Australian mobile phone number and email address for verification and correspondence purposes (each individual requires a unique email address and phone number).

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