The most important budget of a generation.

In partnership with renowned economist Warren Hogan, we’ve created an essential Federal Budget eBook and podcast. We hope the insights and perspectives contained within both provide Australian SMEs with welcome clarity and direction.

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Judo Bank is a SME challenger bank purposefully built to make it easier for Australian businesses to get the funding they need and the service they deserve.

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A guide to the most important budget of a generation

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At Judo Bank we’re determined to give Aussie businesses a fairer go. We believe that in business, relationships matter; it’s why our business bankers take the time to truly understand you and your business, face-to-face.

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We provide business lending solutions starting from $250,000 for small to medium-sized businesses. Our team of experienced business bankers are currently located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth with many more locations to come.
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There's a 90 billion dollar funding gap...

Judo Bank commissioned The SME Banking Insights Report in 2019. This is an independent survey that talked to 1,750 SME’s on their experience when it comes to borrowing money, which found there was an $90 billion funding gap.

The Judo Bank team, with experience at the highest levels of some of the world’s largest banks, saw an opportunity to give Aussie businesses a fairer go.

Full Report
Judo Bank 2019 Consolidated Financial Results
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Judo Bank in the News

1 October 2020

Australian Fintech

Judo Bank partners with GBST to drive online customer engagement

Judo Bank, Australia’s first challenger bank dedicated to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), has partnered with global financial technology provider GBST to improve online customer engagement and drive new applications with an interactive comparison calculator.

The Judo Bank calculator built by GBST’s Digital team compares their term deposit product with other providers, showing potential customers how much more they can earn with Judo Bank.

23 September 2020

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

Neobanks dominate LinkedIn’s best Aussie startups list once again, while COVID-19 trends emerge

There’s a sense of déjà vu in LinkedIn’s Top Startups 2020 list, with neobanks again dominating the top 10 ranking. Having taken the crown from Canva last year, Judo Bank remains in the number one spot for 2020, while Volt Bank jumps up from third place to second. Fellow neobank Xinja slipped a few places from fifth in 2019 to seventh this year. But, some of the other businesses making an appearance this year reflect broader COVID-19 tech trends and resilience.

28 August 2020

William Jolly

Judo Bank cuts and raises term deposit rates: How high are deposit rates now?

Judo Bank has boosted interest rates across a range of its term deposits, going against current market trends.

Judo, one of Australia's newest banks, increased various term deposit rates by up to 8 basis points this week, including the rate of its one-year personal term deposit which now has an interest rate of 1.38% p.a.

However, Judo also cut various other rates by up to 10 basis points, such as the five year personal term deposit which fell from 1.50% p.a. to 1.40% p.a.

These changes come at a time when more than 30 different banks have slashed term deposit rates during August, some by as much as 90 basis points.