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Our Directors and management team work together to ensure that appropriate governance and accountability is in place to enable Judo’s purpose to be the most trusted SME business bank in Australia. The Board consists of seven non-executive Directors, the majority of whom are independent, including the Chair. Board Committees are also chaired by independent non-executive Directors.

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The Board and management of Judo share a common belief that effective governance and valuable oversight are key to a successful enterprise.


Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director


Chief Risk Officer

Lisa F

Chief Operating Officer


General Counsel and Company Secretary

Andrew L

Chief Financial Officer

Jess L

Chief People and Culture Officer


Chief Third Party Officer



John Fraser2

Non-Executive Independent Director

 Manda Trautwein

Non-Executive Independent Director

 Mette Schepers

Non-Executive Independent Director

Jennifer Douglas

Non-Executive Independent Director

David Hornery

Non-Executive Director

Mal McHutchinson

Non-Executive Director