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We’re Judo Bank. A challenger bank built on old-fashioned values like integrity, trusted relationships and an enterprising spirit. Sound like you?

"Everybody comes with different ideas and backgrounds, but they really add together to build a really unique solution for our customers."

Patrick Nolan, General Manager Deposits


We don't have any specific job vacancies at the moment. But, we’re always looking for great talent to become part of our team. If you’re a motivated individual looking for an exciting career opportunity, head to our Contact Us page, fill out the form, and HR will get in contact with you. Cheers!



Talk from the team

“I had been at one of the big 4 banks for almost 7 years in consumer lending services when the opportunity arose for me to join Judo about 2 months ago. I knew it was the right time for me to step outside of my comfort zone, build my skill stack, and be part of a revolution in the small- to medium-sized businesses in Australia. At Judo, everyone works towards the same goal - to be Australia's most trusted business bank! This can be seen and felt as soon as you walk through the door. To be part of such a great team of highly experienced people, helping our customers realise their potential is indeed very rewarding. The culture at Judo is like no other, and with us becoming a bank now, we are able to make today’s craft of relationship banking to SME's better, stronger and faster than yesterday!”

Jessica Lokhun Operations

"Taking up this opportunity at Judo has been the most refreshing career decision. My 18-year banking career before Judo involved various Banker roles with three separate banking institutions. While overall they were enjoyable jobs, I always felt like it could be even more enjoyable. Before Judo, being heard, collaborating on real change, and being genuinely open to our markets and customers had been insurmountable. Judo is at the opposite end of this spectrum. Everyone has a voice, and everyone is in plain sight and accessible and everyone sincerely wants to help Australian SMEs. This has allowed Judo to build a distinctive culture through which a team of exceptional, like-minded people are on the unique journey of disrupting banking."

Terrence Medford Director - Relationships

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