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Talk from the team

Elena Khatountseva

“Judo has become my family. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of it. I feel privileged to say that it is truly a joy coming to work. I adore the culture, the people, what we are building and what we are bringing to SME businesses. I have always enjoyed the various roles I have held across other financial institutions. That said, Judo is different. The passion to make a difference really stands out. The efforts of each and evert team are tireless, always friendly and I learn something new, every single day. There is a sense of belonging at Judo; you never feel alone.”

Elena Khatountseva Operations and Assurance Manager

Sam Kozaris

“Joining Judo as a graduate has been a fantastic introduction to the banking industry. The business has big ambitions and operates as a tight knit community. This makes Judo an amazing place to work and learn. The team are hungry to problem solve, always staying focussed on providing the best experience to the customer. This approach creates an empowering experience for all. Purpose driven organizations have an energy in the way they work, that gives clarity to the strategy, every day. The Judo Way is to make a difference to both the industry and to all of our customers. Judo's flat structure has provided a unique opportunity for me to learn from experienced senior leaders. I have grown into a more rounded professional, with a greater understanding of Judo’s first and second line business functions. Being so close to the decision makers and observing how they operate, whilst mastering my own role, provides a great insight to the craft of relationship banking. This would be impossible in a big business. In a rapidly growing organisation, the question is always ‘what’s next?’. To make a difference is always an exciting proposition."

Sam Kozaris Risk Analyst