Important Information

To open an SMSF Term Deposit with Judo Bank you will need the following:

For the SMSF:

  • the SMSF's ABN and full name.
  • if the SMSF has a corporate trustee, the ACN and full name of the trustee.
  • the SMSF's nominated external Bank account details.

For each individual trustee, or director of the corporate trustee, Authorised Representative, Intermediary and/or Related Person:

  • a minimum of two of the following three identification documents – Australian Driver’s Licence, Passport and Medicare Card.
  • their mobile number and email address for verification and correspondence purposes (each individual requires a unique email address).
  • they must be over 18 years of age and not under a legal disability or a disqualified person.
  • they must be an Australian resident for tax purposes.
  • they must be living at an Australian residential address.

Please note that we can only accept SMSFs with two or up to four individual natural person trustees. SMSFs with more than four individual trustees cannot apply online for our Term Deposit product.

Before you open an online Term Deposit account with us you should consider whether it is appropriate for you by accessing and reading our Target Market Determination. Here's what you are agreeing to by submitting this application:

You have read, consented to, accepted and will abide by all terms of the Important Information Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which details how we will collect, use, disclose, manage and protect your personal information.

You understand that these terms, along with the interest rate that applies to your account and this online application form, govern your relationship with Judo Bank in connection with your account.

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