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Update all your maturity instructions including adding top-up amount through Digital Banking before the current Term Deposit rolls over

Step 1

Log into Digital Banking via Judo’s website and click on the Term Deposit you wish to amend.

Account List screen

Step 2

Next, click the Maturity Instructions heading above the account overview. 

Account details screen 1

Step 3

You are now in the maturity instructions screen - your current maturity instructions are shown under the What will happen at maturity heading. You can modify the maturity instructions as you require by clicking on the Edit button on the right-hand side.

Account details screen 2

Step 4

You have three options to choose from:

  • Roll over principal and interest
  • Roll over principal
  • Pay out and close.

If you choose to roll over your Term Deposit, you will also have the option of adding any additional funds to the Term Deposit at rollover. If you’d like to add funds, please specify the amount you would like to add. If you have elected to add funds, after your term deposit rolls over, you have 10 calendar days to deposit the additional funds using your existing Term Deposit BSB and account number.

Lastly on this screen, you can choose the term length if you choose to rollover your Term Deposit. Options from 3 months to 5 years will be available to select from. Refer to the relevant Business, SMSF or Personal Judo Bank Term Deposit webpage for the current Term Deposit rates but keep in mind the applicable interest rate will be the prevailing interest rate on the maturity date, which may be a lower interest rate than that applicable to your previous term deposit.

Modify Maturity screen

Step 5

Once you have chosen your maturity instructions, simply click on the Modify maturity instructions button and your changes will be saved.

Modify Maturity screen

Step 6

You’ll be able to also confirm your nominated bank account is correct when under the maturity instructions section. The nominated bank account is the account where all your Term Deposit interest and maturity payments will be paid to.

If you need to update this, click on the Edit button under Nominated account.

Account details screen 3

Step 7

You will then be able to choose from a list of your saved payees to link to the Term Deposit you are updating. Once you have chosen the nominated account you want linked to your term deposit, simply click on the Update nominated account button and your changes will be saved.

Note: if you cannot see the account you want to link to the Term Deposit, you will need to add a new payee. For assistance on how to add your new nominated account click on the Nominated Account Update guide.

Please take care when entering your nominated account information as Judo Bank will not check it is accurate and we will not be responsible if any payments are made to the wrong account where you have entered incorrect information.

Change nominated account screen