Federal Budget 21-22

Australia has emerged from the pandemic in a stronger position than most, but now the time has come for a more future-minded approach to economic management.

On Tuesday 11th May 2021, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will announce the 21-22 Federal Budget. This Budget will play an important role in shaping our economy as we shift from recovery to ongoing sustained growth.

At Judo, we are purpose-built to serve SMEs. That’s why we’re bringing you the key takeaways from this year's Federal Budget, in the context of what it means for you as a business.

In partnership with renowned economist Warren Hogan, we’ll be unpacking the key measures delivered in this year's Federal Budget to create our Federal Budget downloadable guide, packed with key insights and perspectives that SMEs need to know.

Judo’s Federal Budget downloadable guide will be available shortly after the Treasurer’s announcement.