The Bank dedicated to Aussie businesses has arrived

Judo Bank is a new SME challenger bank built specially to make it easier for Aussie businesses to get the funding they need and the service they deserve.

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Judo Bank offers tailored solutions for Australian Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). See what Judo can do for your business by calling 13JUDO today.

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At Judo Bank we’re determined to give Aussie businesses a fairer go. We believe that in business, relationships matter; it’s why our business bankers take the time to truly understand you and your business, face-to-face.

A bank that likes to say yes to businesses

Australia’s first SME-focused challenger bank

At Judo Bank, we’re bringing back the craft of relationship banking to transform banking for Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses. Built from the ground up by a small group of deeply experienced and highly credentialed business banking professionals, Judo Bank is providing a genuine alternative for SMEs to secure the funding they need and the service they deserve.

Our Solutions

We provide business lending solutions starting from $250,000 for small to medium-sized businesses. Our team of experienced business bankers are currently located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with many more locations to come.
Did you know there is an $83 billion SME funding gap?
Find out more in our SME Banking Insights Report

Judo Bank, in the words of our valued customers.

“Judo was commercial in their approach, listened to my unique circumstance, and tailored a solution that exceeded my expectations."

Cole McInnes, Dealer Principal John Deere


Largest capital raise in 2018


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Judo Bank Team

Judo Bank in the News

17 June 2019

Richard Gluyas

Judo Bank bulks up for challenge to big four

The book is all but closed on Judo Bank’s blockbuster capital raising, with $345 million in firm commitments and an unnamed institution granted an extension of a few weeks to complete due diligence on a significant investment.

Judo co-founder Joseph Healy expects total proceeds to exceed $400m by the end of this week.

By the close of the June financial year, the challenger bank will have raised $550m in equity over the last 12 months — testimony to the market’s firm belief that the big four’s stranglehold on commercial lending in this country is ripe for disruption.

28 May 2019

Jennifer O'Brien (CIO)

Judo Bank aims to ‘outmanoeuvre’ large banks

Judo Bank co-founder and CIO, Alex Twigg, will tell you he doesn’t do digital transformation - instead he does digital.

“The tech strategy has always been that we would be a completely cloud-based organisation. We would also take a completely software-as-a-service model approach to our technology strategy so that we don’t own a single server and we don’t employ a single developer,” Twigg told CIO Australia.

10 May 2019

Cara Waters

'No spring chickens': How Judo went from an idea in a pub to a bank

It was a London investor who laid out just how tough Joseph Healy and David Hornery were going to find setting up a bank from scratch in Australia.

The two former National Australia Bank executives had the idea for their challenger bank Judo over Friday night beers at Sydney's Greengate pub and were in the United Kingdom talking to investors in challenger banks there.