Dearest SMEs,

The COVID-19 is a global storm that’s left no person unaffected. In a sea of uncertainty, one thing’s for sure: this too shall pass. Australia will see a better tomorrow.

Change is tough. Life is tough. Business is tough.

But it WILL end, and you are anything but alone.

Nobody knows what lies on the other side of this crisis, but we can control our perspective and the action we take today, tomorrow and beyond.

We can hide, be fearful and believe the worst. Or we can focus on rebuilding, repairing and regrowing what we’ve built up until now. We’re here to help every business put up the best fight they can.

What is clear is this; communication is crucial. Communication is necessary. Communication is essential. We must all continue to communicate with our people, our financial institutions, our accountants, lawyers, suppliers, peers, colleagues, families, friends and of course – our customers.

Staying connected

Pick up the phone. Send emails. Post on your social channels. Ask for help. Be the help. Seek solutions, be the solution.

Download the COVID-Safe app and be part of the battle to overcome this, while keeping up to date with a healthy amount of news – as much as you feel you have the emotional capacity to handle. It’s not a competition.

Look after you, look after your business

In times like these, looking after you and your business from the inside out is critical to moving forward. Failing to give yourself time to process what’s happening will make recovery efforts all the more difficult. Embrace the downtime where possible, and give yourself the best chance of forging on.

Distraction can be purposeful and restorative at times like these. Get out for fresh air, practice gratitude, watch movies, draw and play with your kids, connect, disconnect, embrace online, embrace solitude – whatever you need to heal, do it. Your business will need you on the other side.

Resources that may interest you:

Mindfulness: Smiling Mind App, Mindfully Podcast

News: Australian Financial Review, ABC News, Smart Company

Entertainment: ABC iView, SBS On Demand, Netflix, Foxtel, Stan, Apple TV

Don’t be afraid to look for beauty among the chaos. Melbourne’s homeless are taking refuge in our cities finest hotels, keeping people in jobs and our most vulnerable off the wet, autumnal streets. Entertainment is being delivered virtually, families are temporarily forgiven the daily commute that until now has robbed them of family breakfast time. Private hospitals are opening their doors to everyday Australians, and even the most robust of policies are relaxing to allow for humanity to prevail.

The impact of Covid-19 has been far reaching and indiscriminate. It has been unfair, brutal, and swift, to say the least. We must remain grateful for our frontline workers, for our community and for our nationwide commitment to getting through this. To those on the frontline, thank you. Without you, we would not have the Australia of tomorrow.

The Judo Jam

Our intention is to provide useful content for you, dear SME, to inspire and inform this new normal. Now is the time to think outside the box, and Judo Bank is right here with you - Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Appreciate the school teachers, make a restaurant booking for July, stay connected to your purpose, remember your why. Call your bank. Talk to your customers.

Your dedicated bank, today, tomorrow and beyond.


21 March 2020

| Team Judo

Navigating uncertainty – Covid-19 and beyond

The Covid-19 outbreak has shaken the SME sector to its core. As the situation stabilises and the environment remains uncertain, we are acutely aware that the recovery of entire industries is dependent on many factors entirely out of our control. We therefore need to focus on what we can control or at least, influence. In these unprecedented times, businesses have a choice – waive their white flag, or step up. While any level of certainty has gone out the window, innovative thinking and a ‘big picture’ approach are SME’s secret weapons when it comes to surviving the crisis.

15 April 2020

| Team Judo

Are we ok? The Chief, Judo and you

The Coronavirus is fundamentally challenging our society, economy, health and priorities in an unprecedented and highly unpredictable way. We are here to support you and your business manage change. Judo is dedicated to being helpful and supportive to our SME community, today and beyond. You will be ok. We will be ok. To say the current situation is fluid is something of an understatement. The landscape is shifting dramatically and frequently each day.

1 April 2020

| Team Judo

Safety and wellbeing in remote working

Never has the focus on safety and wellness for you and your team been more important. At Judo Bank, safety and wellness is fundamental to our ability to steer the team safely through these troubled waters. We understand that not all SMEs have the benefit of a fully resourced HR function, so today, we’re sharing some insights from our HR team, on how to protect and nurture your people during these difficult times.