Coronavirus SME Guarantee scheme 2.0

The momentum for economic recovery continues to build across the country and we’ve always believed that this recovery will be led by the small and medium business sector. This has been reinforced by the Federal Government in its national budget, with a number of initiatives introduced to jump start small and medium businesses across the country.

The revised Government SME Guarantee Scheme is a key pillar to the Government’s economic recovery program and we are proud to announce that Judo Bank will be participating in the revised scheme to continue to support you - our customers, and the wider small and medium business community.

Overview of Judo’s Government SME Guarantee Scheme - Phase 2

  • Available to new and existing customers
  • Facilities of up to $1,000,000 per borrower for a maximum period of 5 years, able to be structured on a Principal and Interest or Interest Only basis
  • Available on our Business Loans, Line of Credit and Asset Finance including any combination of these
  • Business purpose can include working capital, business investment/expenditure, business acquisitions and commercial property purchases. Excludes refinance of existing debt.
  • Customers will be able to pledge all security types (Company Charge, Specific Charge over Asset(s), Commercial Property.) except residential property in support of facilities
  • No establishment fee will apply
  • Pricing from 3.5% for fully secured facilities, subject to credit assessment

Feel free to fill out the below form and a dedicated Judo banker will get in contact to discuss any requirements or opportunities.

To be eligible to apply for a loan under this scheme, your turnover needs to be less than $50m per year.

For more information on the SME Scheme, please click here to visit the Australian Government SME Scheme website.

Contact us if you wish to apply for the Coronavirus SME guarantee scheme 2.0


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