How Judo Bank works for your business

In the words of our valued customers...

Proudly dedicated to doing business

Introducing the bank that likes to say yes to Australian businesses. At Judo Bank, we’re bringing back the craft of relationship banking to transform banking for Australia’s small and medium-sized (SME) businesses. Below is a small sample of our happy customers, enjoy.

“Judo was commercial in their approach, listened to my unique circumstance, and tailored a solution that exceeded my expectations."

Cole McInnes, Dealer Principal John Deere

"from that original cup of coffee, we had the financing in place within a month"

Robert Boyd, CEO Winner Bars

"The Judo team knew exactly what I was looking to achieve."

Cole McInnes, Dealer Principal John Deere - GSW Ground Care

"Our finance broker introduced us to Judo Capital. Right away we just felt that the relationship was perfect."

Susan Mitchell, CFO Bastion Collective

"So we spoke to a number of other banks about the opportunity. Well, the banks had difficulty understanding the transaction."

Duncan Russell, Manning Director International Mowers

"having strong relationships with Brett and his team means that we can have some great discussions which we have around what we want to do in the future and how we should fund the growth."

Edward Alder, Company Director Point Hacks