We Continue to Stand By Australian Businesses During COVID-19

Like you, we’re in this for the long term

Our aim is to help businesses get through these most difficult of times. Our response is everything you should expect from a bank that puts customer relationships first.

Australia's Dedicated SME Business Bank.

Judo Bank is a SME challenger bank purposefully built to make it easier for Australian businesses to get the funding they need and the service they deserve.

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At Judo Bank we’re determined to give Aussie businesses a fairer go. We believe that in business, relationships matter; it’s why our business bankers take the time to truly understand you and your business, face-to-face.

Our Solutions

We provide business lending solutions starting from $250,000 for small to medium-sized businesses. Our team of experienced business bankers are currently located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with many more locations to come.

There's a 90 billion dollar funding gap...

Judo Bank commissioned The SME Banking Insights Report in 2019. This is an independent survey that talked to 1,750 SME’s on their experience when it comes to borrowing money, which found there was an $90 billion funding gap.

The Judo Bank team, with experience at the highest levels of some of the world’s largest banks, saw an opportunity to give Aussie businesses a fairer go.

Full Report
We are delighted to introduce the 2019 Annual Review
Our first since being granted a full unrestricted banking licence in April. So much has happened in the last twelve months, it would be an understatement to say 2019 has been a big year.
Judo Bank 2019 Consolidated Financial Results
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Judo Bank in the News

28 August 2020

William Jolly

Judo Bank cuts and raises term deposit rates: How high are deposit rates now?

Judo Bank has boosted interest rates across a range of its term deposits, going against current market trends.

Judo, one of Australia's newest banks, increased various term deposit rates by up to 8 basis points this week, including the rate of its one-year personal term deposit which now has an interest rate of 1.38% p.a.

However, Judo also cut various other rates by up to 10 basis points, such as the five year personal term deposit which fell from 1.50% p.a. to 1.40% p.a.

These changes come at a time when more than 30 different banks have slashed term deposit rates during August, some by as much as 90 basis points.

24 August 2020

Luke Henningsen

Founder Origins: Joseph Healy Co-Founder of Judo Bank

Joseph Healy is very well known in Financial Services and Banking circles both in Australia and internationally. His corporate career, spanning over 35 years, culminated in him leading Australia’s largest business bank as one of the top echelon of leaders in banking in the country.

We caught up with Joseph Healy late last year, pre-COVID, to learn about the amazing rise of Judo Bank and to see if we could gain some insight into the person who would take on this kind of challenge.

6 August 2020

Matt Walker

Australia’s Judo Bank Steps Up to Support Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As Australia’s first SME-focused challenger bank, Judo Bank offers quality business banking services geared toward Australian-owned businesses. And in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the bank is doubling down on its mission to support those businesses by offering flexibility and personalized services to help them weather the storm. The institution’s focus on relationship banking sets it apart from larger institutions with an approach that forges a strong connection between the bank and its customers.

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